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i was looking for a place to link to some dj smokey tapes i have that aren't on the site, or i have in better quality.  i didn't see a designated place so figured i'd drop a link here.  if there's a better place for this, let me know.

evil wayz 1 (320)
goony toonz (320)
kirby rubiez (320)
purple diamondz (320)
trap house of horrors 1-3 (320)
yoshi emeraldz (320)
squirtle sapphires (128)

aaand mega is actiing up so i can't even grab the link.  i'll update this when i get that figured out.!sBMUXIQB!8y6h_gW6UGLv6IOtlpT27Q

uploading now, slowly...
squirtle sapphires updated to 320
just added a bunch of g59, gbc, buffet boys, syringe & crimewave stuff to the folder. most is 320, some is stuff that's not on the site yet. feel free to take

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