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the old guy
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i'm 33, have 3.5 kids and a desk job, so i'm probably the oldest, most boring person on this site.  i don't make music at all, but i'm a fan.  i came up in the south in the 90's so dungeon family, triple six, ugk, dj screw, 8ball & mjg etc. is my main shit.  i fuck with a lot of this new generation of artists, mostly the raider klan alumni & the like.  that is all.
Welcome to the forum, as you can tell the younger crowd doesn't use forums that often however we still have it here for people to use.

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welcome to the forums, fellow older person. always happy to meet a non-cynical listener of new stuff in my age group. i also have a desk job. hey, gotta pay the bills!!! solidarity!!

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