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DatPizz Forum Rules
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Hello, welcome to the DatPizz Forum! Below you can find all the rules for the DatPizz Forum.

Rules are subject to change at any moment. If you see someone breaking the rules, Please use the report post system implemented in the forum. Much love.
Rules :

#1. Don't be toxic or deconstructive towards others or towards the forum.
#2. No mass advertising your music. Make sure it's in the correct section.
#3. Don't be racist. Any racism will result in a permanent ban.
#4. Don't spam the forum with useless posts. If you want to shitpost, do so in off topic.
#5. No linking anything that can get DatPizz in trouble, we don't want to take responsibility for your words, so use your brain.
#6. Links to torrents or downloads are allowed as long as they are hosted on a different site.
#7. No short low quality post. "lol" "bump" etc.
#8. No porn in your signature or on the forum.
#9. No posting of fake programs. Any programs/cracks provided must be virus scanned.
#10. Post in the correct category. Read the forum descriptions if you are confused.
#11. Sexual harassment or sexism will not be tolerated.
#12. Do not instigate pointless arguments or send threats to anyone. Argue with each other privately.
#13. Any offensive or inappropriate content goes in its respective category. Once again, read the forum descriptions if you are confused.

Ban Terms : After 1st warning then you're banned, so be mindful of yourself and others

1st ban is one week, 2nd ban is permanent. No multi-accounting. 

Have fun and enjoy your stay, - The DatPizz Team.

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